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Network Solutions specializes in providing our clients with all the resources of an in-house IT department. This allows our clients to concentrate on running their business and saving themselves both time and money through our IT managed services. Businesses today have more than enough to deal with on a daily basis with: Planning, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Accounting to Production etc., without having to deal with the rapidly changing issues surrounding Computer Hardware, Software and Networks. Small to medium businesses have been looking for a better way to deal with Information Technology requirements as the need for Virus Protection, Spyware, Backup, Network Management, Product Support and Training has been requiring more knowledge and expertise.

Network Solutions has over 25 years of working experience with IT Resource Departments of Small to Large Law Offices, Board of Education, Engineering Firms, Manufacturing, and Golf, Health and Ski Clubs. Network Solutions has the diversification, flexibility and knowledge to offer an IT Solution designed to meet the needs of your small to medium business.

Over the years we have assisted numerous firms in assessing their present technology position by way of system audits, establishing their actual technology needs and realistic IT budgets. In our view it's our job to ensure our clients get solutions to their IT business problems. Solutions that solve the issues quickly and efficiently while making sure the business partner is saving time and money on an ongoing basis.