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When it comes to the ranking of IT departments priority lists the importance of security intelligence in protecting business revenue and reputation is always found near the top. The IT industry and governments must come together to educate the masses for safe computing. Now is the time for security players to dispel with traditional technology jargon and acronyms and speak in common terms to business and personal users.

Our job is to protect your vital information and help ensure a truly resilient infrastructure, one that can recover quickly in the event of any foreseeable emergency or interruption, natural or man-made. One thing that is common all over the world is that businesses have three challenges: Cost, complexity, and compliance. Compliance is the new elephant in the room.

It's no exaggeration to say that compliance has become one of the key IT challenges of the 21st century, while cost remains the nemesis of almost every organization despite the fact the cost of hardware has come down dramatically over the years. Insofar as IT complexity is concerned, IT departments are inundated with the influx of wireless applications and mobile devices while managing the ongoing issues related to integrating architectures and applications on a number of different operating system platforms.

Labour costs have been a real challenge for most organizations. IT departments have to deal with an increasingly complex environment . . . the world has become more heterogeneous, not less. The Windows environment is still the most exploited and other platforms, including Linux, are now demonstrating similar weaknesses.

We all applaud Microsoft's security initiatives, they are very necessary, but they're not necessarily sufficient.

We foresee a security marketplace with fewer vendors, better product integration, improved interoperability, and fewer complicated license agreements for customers to navigate through.

Spyware, phishing, identity theft and fraud represent the new face of cyber-crime.

A few years ago, spam was a mild irritant. Today it's become the cancer of the e-economy, Businesses must fight against phishing scams to protect their customers and their brand. Business and government offices need to be prepared for the natural or man- made disasters that can take down part of your infrastructure, blocking access to vital information.

We live in a society today that is an information-based economy where data is not only an important currency but the product itself, businesses need to take a proactive, holistic approach to security.

The marriage between security and availability is awfully important for Business, the notion of creating a resilient infrastructure, hence security, availability, storage management, systems management, network management, will all coalesce to create a more resilient and stable operating environment.

Society has become very reliant upon digital information, yet it generally lacks the basic knowledge on how to protect these computing assets.

A properly implemented digital security system and backup process is critical in today's digital world. Let us help ensure your business is sufficiently protected.